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Vector-Borne Diseases: Understanding the Environmental, Human Health, and Ecological Connections, Workshop Summary (Forum on Microbial Threats) (2008)

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Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic: Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers (2008)

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Global Infectious Disease Surveillance and Detection: Assessing the Challenges -- Finding Solutions, Workshop Summary (2007)

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Ending the War Metaphor: The Changing Agenda for Unraveling the Host-Microbe Relationship - Workshop Summary (2006)

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The Impact of Globalization on Infectious Disease Emergence and Control: Exploring the Consequences and Opportunities, Workshop Summary - Forum on Microbial Threats (2006)

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Ensuring an Infectious Disease Workforce: Education and Training Needs for the 21st Century - Workshop Summary (2006)

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The Threat of Pandemic Influenza: Are We Ready? Workshop Summary (2005)

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Saving Lives, Buying Time: Economics of Malaria Drugs in an Age of Resistance (2004)

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