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Reports by the Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program (listed by most recent release)

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Distracted Driving Countermeasures for Commercial Vehicles (2012)

Safety Management in Small Motor Carriers (2012)

Operator Drug- and Alcohol-Testing Across Modes (2012)

Driver Selection Tests and Measurement (2012)

Potential Safety Benefits of Motor Carrier Operational Efficiencies (2011)

Effects of Psychoactive Chemicals on Commercial Driver Health and Performance: Stimulants, Hypnotics, Nutritional, and Other Supplements (2011)

Older Commercial Drivers: Do They Pose a Safety Risk? (2010)

Special Safety Concerns of the School Bus Industry (2010)

Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report (2007)

Health and Wellness Programs for Commercial Drivers (2007)