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Reports by the Marine Board (listed by most recent release)

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U.S. Marine Salvage Assets and Capabilities in a Maritime Disaster (2009)

Polar Icebreakers in a Changing World: An Assessment of U.S. Needs (2007)

Polar Icebreaker Roles and U.S. Future Needs: A Preliminary Assessment (2005)

Marine Salvage Capabilities: Responding to Terrorist Attacks in U.S. Ports — Actions to Improve Readiness (2004)

Oil in the Sea III: Inputs, Fates, and Effects (2003)

Spills of Emulsified Fuels: Risks and Response (2002)

Environmental Performance of Tanker Designs in Collision and Grounding: Method for Comparision -- Special Report 259 (2001)

Spills of Nonfloating Oils: Risk and Response (1999)

Meeting Research and Education Needs in Coastal Engineering (1999)