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Reports by the Strategic Highway Research Program Renewal Focus Area (listed by most recent release)

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Technologies to Support the Storage, Retrieval, and Use of 3-D Utility Location Data (2015)

Guide to Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects (2013)

Innovations to Locate Stacked or Deep Utilities (2014)

Developing the "Guide for the Process of Managing Risk on Rapid Renewal Projects" (2014)

Guide to Using Existing Pavement in Place and Achieving Long Life (2014)

Mapping Voids, Debonding, Delaminations, Moisture, and Other Defects Behind or Within Tunnel Linings (2013)

Utility-Locating Technology Development Using Multisensor Platforms (2014)

Integrated Delivery of SHRP 2 Renewal Research Projects (2014)

Tools for Communicating Railroad-DOT Mitigation Strategies (2014)

Pilot Testing of SHRP 2 Reliability Data and Analytical Products: Washington (2014)